Did it really happen if it wasn’t posted on social media? Nope! So do it for the ‘gram. Utilizing social media at your booth is a win-win. It gives attendees a fun way to interact with your brand while at an event and online. Not to mention, social media is an easy and efficient way to interact directly with your target audience.

In today’s world, your booth needs to do more than position you in front of event attendees. It should provide an experience that attendees can take away from–inspiring future conversations. The best way to do that? Through the powerful technology we hold in the palm of our hands! Capitalize on the opportunity of being surrounded by event profs and potential clients through social media initiatives. Having a strong presence on social media during an event will encourage attendees to follow along and visit your booth. From there, draw them in and start building relationships.

Here are five ways to capitalize on social media at your booth:

1. Hashtags

They are a #necessity! Hashtags make managing conversations at an event, or during a social media campaign, easier because it’s providing a funnel directly from the live event to your company’s social media profile. It’s important to utilize the event’s hashtag, but also create one specific to your brand to differentiate your company and your booth. Hashtags give you the chance to get creative and also elevate your brand exposure at the event.  

2. Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies. Get creative with a giveaway opportunity! We suggest turning the giveaway into an experience that attendees have to work for by visiting and engaging with your booth. One way to do this is online, through social media! A few ideas to get you started:

  • Pick a winner that posts a photo of them at your booth.
  • Create a scavenger hunt around the venue and post hints on social media.
  • Build a chalkboard wall where attendees have to answer a question and share their response on Twitter or Instagram. Here’s an example from our booth at Expo Expo 2017:

3. Photo Booths

Event profs love a good photo-op. Set up a photo booth or photo station with props that is impossible to resist! Before printing the photos, ask that they follow you on one social media platform. This encourages attendees to tag you in the post and include your branded hashtag. Attendees will leave your booth with a takeaway that has a longer shelf life than the duration of the event because it’s something they can (literally) hold onto.

Here’s an example of a fun photo station from our rebrand launch party!

4. Live Social

As the event is unfolding, provide a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening at your booth via Instagram stories, Facebook live or Twitter. We all love the real and raw BTS action. While the finished product will end up looking perfect, show your audience what goes into building that. Tell a story from setup to tear down and show all the bloopers in between. Attendees will appreciate your authenticity and will likely interact with you more because of it.

Another idea is to setup a live feed of the Twitter conversations and/or Instagram posts that incorporate the event’s hashtag. This will encourage your audience to join the conversation online and they’ll be excited when they see their content show up on the screen! In addition to generating a buzz online, live social can be a great ice-breaker and networking tool in real life, at the event. Experiment with Instagram live by interviewing attendees that stop by your booth, or participate in a Q&A with a team member.

5. Engagement

While it’s important to incorporate social media into your booth, it won’t be as effective if you’re not actively engaging with attendees. Social media works best when it’s an open channel of communication. Attendees don’t just want to talk at you. They want to engage with you. Interact. Have a team, or a specific person, in place that’s ready to respond and comment back to those tagging your brand and utilizing the event hashtag. This will make it a better overall experience for attendees while encouraging them to continue participating.

We hope these strategies will encourage you to integrate social media into your booth. While it does take some work and maintenance, it can also be fun and generate leads. Ultimately, this is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and differentiate your company from the booth next door. If you have other ideas for incorporating social media at exhibits, trade shows and conferences, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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