Strength, technology, innovation, simplicity, modern. These are the words that Bill Nixon and his team would use to describe the decades-old event company, Teamwork Events. The Teamwork brand is pleased to announce its first rebrand since inception. The new logo and brand elements fully embody the vision of teamwork, with the bold, block-like structures, modern, strong colors and dimensional and dynamic lines.

Teamwork Events, celebrating in 2017 its 20th anniversary in business, is a full-service, nationwide General Services Contractor that offers a full portfolio of solutions for Tradeshows and Events.

The company is enjoying rapid growth, with this year being its most successful to date.

Teamwork Events recently concluded a comprehensive rebrand, which resulted in a new logo and other brand elements that more clearly and memorably present and describe its core competencies: strength, technology, and innovation.

“No matter the history of achievements of an organization, there may come a time when a rebrand makes smart strategic sense,” said Bill Nixon, founder and president of Teamwork Events. “It happens with small companies, midsize companies, and large multinationals, like Apple and UPS, both of which underwent winning rebrands.

“That time also arrived for Teamwork Events.”

A fundamental component of the rebrand is the new logo, a design of bold block-like structure, modern strong colors, and dimensional and dynamic lines.

Teamwork enlisted marketing design group (mdg), a branding firm in Washington DC that specializes in the events industry, to execute the rebrand.

Andrew Bellows, Account Director at mdg says, “Teamwork recognizes the need to continually present themselves as a forward-thinking, problem-solving organization. Its brand identity should be modern and progressive, yet clean and straightforward. The team has such a strong sense of customer service rooted in their beliefs, which was important for us to demonstrate in the rebrand.”

The new logo represents Teamworks’ strength and boldness. mdg recommended a color palette update to a richer blue and golden color. The font was paired with bold and dynamic lines and the logo was made dimensional rather than flat.

Teamwork is better than ever as it plans to expand its presence in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. The rebrand, among staff additions like Mary Higham, CEM, is part of the strategy to continue its expansion and flawless reputation amongst clients and prospects. With the current client list including companies like Amazon and McKesson as well as organizations like ASHA and Mr. Olympia, Teamwork is no stranger to the technologically-savvy and modern needs of clients today.

In the coming months, we will see this new branding come to fruition through digital presence, the Teamwork office and in communication with clients. Teamwork will also be at several upcoming national shows, like IAEE Expo.

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