The Teamwork Difference: Our Internship Program

At Teamwork Events, the title “intern” only exists on a resume. To us, our interns are an extension of our team, as any full-time employee would be. The success of current and past interns has made it apparent that our internship program provides them with the experience they need to excel in the events industry, and beyond.

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management is an elite program within the University of Central Florida, dedicated to educating students in hospitality and event management. We’ve been very fortunate at Teamwork Events to connect with several, talented undergraduates studying at Rosen. In fact, every intern we’ve hired since 2011 (when we first began our internship program) has been a Rosen student.

Danielle Clark, CMP, Teamwork’s Southeast General Manager, believes that the best way to learn is by doing. That philosophy applies to Teamwork’s internship. Through this program, interns have the opportunity to see how their degree will translate into a career.

“What makes Teamwork’s internship program so special is the hands-on experience that the interns receive while they are here. They’re not just coming into the office everyday working behind a desk, they get to be onsite and help bring an event to life,” Danielle said. “We strive for our interns to be able to walk away feeling confident about planning an event. The interns are 100% client-facing and become brand ambassadors and advocates.”

Teamwork’s interns may be based in Orlando or Boston, but their experiences go far beyond these locations. “In the interview process, we ask our interns if they are available to travel. That’s one of the demands of our industry, so when the interns come in they all have that opportunity,” Danielle said. In past years, Teamwork’s interns have traveled to Las Vegas, Texas, Tennessee and more. Travel allows interns to experience what it’s like working onsite at different venues and for various clients.

“Teamwork has helped me step out of my comfort zone by introducing me to numerous networking events and having full trust in me at shows,” Teamwork intern Vicki Stepherson said. “My time with Teamwork over the past year has not only allowed me to travel, but has also allowed to me grow professionally while being immersed in the events industry.”

Nothing prepares future event profs for their careers like getting their feet wet in an internship—but at Teamwork, we prefer that our interns jump right in. Our interns often continue working for us after graduation in full-time roles, like Senior Event Manager Shannon Cushing, a Rosen College graduate. “My mom always told me to look into tradeshows and that I would be great at planning them; I thought she was nuts but I guess the saying is correct, ‘Mothers always know best.’”

Shannon’s event planning career with Teamwork didn’t end after her internship, however.

“I was extremely fortunate to have Danielle Clark take me under her wing. With her help, I’ve been able to grow quickly at Teamwork. After interning for 6 months, I was hired as a full-time employee. I believe that starting from the bottom, and working my way up to the Event Manager role, has helped mold me into the leader that I am today.” Fast forward six years and Shannon is now the Senior Event Manager, organizing some of our biggest events.

Being a Teamwork intern isn’t easy, but it is extremely rewarding. After all, challenges are what lead to significant growth in any career.

“I never expected to be challenged so much personally and professionally by an internship,” Vicki said. “I believe this internship combined with my experience at Rosen College has provided a wonderful basis for beginning my career as an event planner.”

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